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Rumball SB19 Sparkling Shiraz
This is the Rumball house style of NV Sparkling Red. SB19 Sparkling Shiraz is made from Coonawarra Shiraz. Coonawarra is one of the premium grapegrowing regions of South Australia. The "SB" represents the Sparkling Blend Number and is my way of recording each tirage (blend). SB4 was the first release in 1988.

The Sparkling Shiraz is elegant with full fruit and strong Shiraz varietal character. It has a soft, smooth palate and is a great wine to complement fully flavoured foods. The Coonawarra Shiraz gives the palate a long fruit finish with a roundness and depth to the middle palate. Try this wine with roast duck, kangaroo, buffalo and quail. Or as an alternative, with strong cheeses such as Stilton, Blue Vein or Parmesan.

SB19 Sparkling Shiraz is ready to drink now, but could be cellared for two to three years. Cellaring will add bottle age to the wine and give another dimension. When cellaring, lay the bottles down in a cool place that has little temperature fluctuation. This will help the cork to stay moist and protect the pressure seal on the bottle.

1.) 750ml size bottles available all year.
2.) 375ml halves size bottles available early in 2013.
3.) 1.5L Magnums (double bottles); not available at present.
4.) 3.0L Jeroboams (double magnums) not available at present.


Rumball M3 Sparkling Merlot

This is the third Rumball NV Sparkling Merlot. M3 Sparkling Merlot is made from 100% Coonawarra Merlot. It was sourced from the Hotel Paddock North and Julia Hill vineyards at Coonawarra in the South East of South Australia. Coonawarra is a premium cool climate grapegrowing region of Australia , and the area contributes to the intense floral nose the Merlot.

The softness and violet character of the merlot fruit shows through on the palate and the finish is well balanced. The palate shows raspberry and blueberry characters with a lovelly soft finish. The basewine receives only minimal oak storage, to ensure the lovely floral characters are not lost.

Try this wine with medium flavoured foods Show.- Barbeque lamb, Deep fried Turkey or Duck;
and soft cheeses such as White Castella or Brie
I am sure you will enjoy my third cuvee of Rumball Sparkling Merlot.
Serve it Cold; and its ready to drink now!

Size: Only 750ml size bottles available all year.


Rumball Vintage Sparkling Shiraz

The Rumball Vintage Sparkling Shiraz has been made from 100% Coonawarra Shiraz. The best base wines are set aside each year for a small vintage tiraging.

1997 Vintage

This wine is now sold out. For those of you who have missed out, seek out Fine Wine Partners in each state of Australia.
They may still have some; otherwise ask at your local wine shop

2002 Vintage

The 2002 Coonawarra vintage was the culmination of an excellent season with very high quality wines, but generally lower yields due to a low fruit flowering set. The grape bunches had fewer and smaller berries than normal. Clear skies and warm days in April enabled the fruit to ripen fully whilst maintaining ideal pH and great shiraz characters. This vintage cuvee was elected from Dohnt's vineyard. It was tiraged on 11th December 2002.
Perth Wine Show 2004: Silver Medal Class 53/3
Brisbane Wine Show 2005: Gold Medal Class 68/6
Melbourne Wine Show 2006: Bronze Medal Class 75/21
Melbourne Wine Show 2012: Bronze Medal Class 58/05

This wine will be released mid 2013.

All Other Vintages.
These wines have been released quietly as Non Vintage Sparkling Shiraz This is a reward for those loyal customers who have been drinking my Sparkling Shiraz for many years. These wines have been sent out as NV wines over the last two years. They have not been traceable, and I cannot identify individual vintages.